2019 Xbox One video game deals for this week count; Darksiders III, The Surge, and Dead Alliance

This week’s Deals With Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 that are consoles with a massive list of video games being given discounts from just 10% all the way to 85%.

Among the best discounts on the Xbox One are Alekhine’s Gun (with 75% off), Battle Worlds: Kronos (85%), Darksiders III – Deluxe Edition (25%), Dead Alliance (75%), Dex (85%), Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (75%), Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – Deluxe Edition (75%), The Surge (75%), and We Sing Pop (85%).

You will also found discounts on the Xbox 360 include Darksiders II (85% off), Deadfall Adventures (85%), Destroy All Humans! (85%), MX Unleashed (85%), Red Faction: Armageddon (85%), and Zombie Driver (85%).

The full list of discounted games can be viewed within the Store section on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One console. Note that the Deals With Gold games require an active Xbox Live Gold description to receive the discount. The individual product pages for each game will mention what sort of discount is available.

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