Microsoft’s Windows 10X Surface Neo, Surface Duo announcements in Microsoft Developer Day

Microsoft pulled back some more, Surface Neo and Surface Duo during the online Microsoft Developer Day, with CVP for Windows Developer Platform Kevin Gallo hosting the festivities, and here are our first reactions.
Most of people were Just stunned about the multiple times both Neo and Duo failed during demos. At one point, Gallo was showing off a simple “move Google Maps into both screens”, but it froze up the Duo. Fortunaltly, he had another Duo in his pocket, but after just a minute or so, the device locked up too.
Now Microsoft is to be commended for getting these devices out in the open early, and having demos fail this early in the process is probably just par for the course. However, it’s still not a good look for what isn’t much more than some UI controls running on top of Android, in the case of the Duo. With Surface Neo, which also failed in demos, the brand new Windows 10X may have a bit more of an excuse, but these failures show that if nothing else, these devices are no where near ready for release. This Developer day beeing just and introduction we can’t judge in such an early stage, Hoping that Microsoft will fix his issues.