Second version of the Xbox Series X Console

Last year, before Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X, there were rumors of two versions of the consoles. When the console finally debuted, however, only one system was discussed. There’ve been rumors about the 1st version since, but not much more.
Now, leaked documents have confirmed Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a 2nd version console, targeting either 1080p or 1440p gaming. Rumored specs on the device are 7.5GB of useable RAM, decent CPU speed, and around 4TFLOPS of GPU performance, according to The Verge.
That’s less than the Xbox Series X, which has 13.5GB of useable RAM and promises 12 TFLOPS of performance.

On paper, this would put the Xbox 2nd version: Lockhart, below the Xbox One X, which offers 6 TFLOPS of performance and 9GB of RAM useable by games. This is a good example of how TFLOPS can be a tricky way to measure performance. Compared with the Xbox One X, the Xbox Lockhart should have two advantages we can count on, even if we don’t know anything else about the system: It uses a Ryzen CPU core (with a bit less clock), and it uses an RDNA2 GPU. We know RDNA2 should offer 1.5x more performance per watt than RDNA, according to AMD, and we know that RDNA was a significant uplift over GCN, with 1.3x more performance per clock.
The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Lockhart seem as though they’re intended to bracket the PlayStation 5 with a platform above and below its price and performance targets. Microsoft and Sony have never released precise breakdowns on which customers bought a lower-end as opposed to a refreshed console. It’s entirely possible that Microsoft has decided it has two tiers of customers: Those willing to pay between $300 or $400 for an Xbox.