APB Reloaded

Loved GTA?? APB Reloaded is a massively multiplayer and open world game that is a great free alternate for GTA. the main point of the game is there are two different sides, the Enforcers and the Criminals, the Enforcers go on missions stopping the Criminals. On the other hand the Criminals go on missions avoiding the Enforcers, or killing them. You can also just play as an open, free roam game. I played this game for about an hour and my first impressions were that it was an OK game. The graphics aren’t great and the game play isn’t very well explained leaving you confused the first time you play. Enough complaining this is a FREE game after all and it definitely is a good game even though it’s free. This game also has amazing customization you can create your own vehicles, weapon skins and clothing. So if you’ve been wanting for a GTA like atmosphere, its made for you!!!!

Download link here

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