BEST of 2018

Make a fast recap of our Favorite moment in 2018 is not a easy task, since it has been a great year for both multimedia and video-game world. As an enthousiast and experienced team here’s what we renember the most;


When 3D-printed heads let hackers break into your phone

facial recognition is being used everywhere. to maintain security measures and help out police forces, to improve the retail experience for the everyday consumer, and to even help popstars like taylor swift track their stalkers. now forbes reporter thomas brewster has commissioned a 3D-printed model of his own head, testing the face unlocking system on a range of phones — proving that facial recognition is not as effective as it seems, and could offer hackers an entry route into your private information.

brewester, who carefully scanned his own head before having it 3D-printed at backface printed in the uk, experimented on four android models and an iPhone X. the android models included an LG g7 thinq, a samsung s9, a samsung note 8 and a oneplus 6. unfortunately for all users of those phones, the iPhone X was the only one that was not unlocked by the fake head.

the forbes’ interview reveals that none of the phone makers claimed the same level of security and accuracy as apple does. some even advised that using the fingerprint scanner made phones less secure, something the iPhone X doesn’t do. it speak volumes of apple’s lead in facial recognition, whilst kind of debunking any other impression the technology has had up until this point.

FIFA 19 SALES BEAT RECORDS on Xbox One This year

22. FIFA 19 (Xbox One)
> 2018 sales: 1,233,915
> Total sales: 1,233,915
> Weeks available: 3
> Publisher: Electronic Arts

EA’s “FIFA” series has been around for a quarter of a century. “FIFA 19,” the latest in the highest-selling sports franchise of all time, has sold over 1.2 million units for the Xbox One in just three weeks of sales. IN A WORD: AWSOME!

The lunch of Dragon Ball Fighter Z (PS4)

> 2018 sales: 1,263,001
> Total sales: 1,263,001
> Weeks available: 38
> Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

Dragon Ball Fighter Z, the latest fighting game based on the wildly popular anime series released across the three major consoles and PC, has sold 1.2 million units on the PS4 alone, and across all four consoles sales are close to 2 million. Just watch thos amazing Graphics!! and you will understand

Companies mocking apple’s iPhone X in latest advertising campaign

after unveiling new adverts in july criticising the speed of the iphone X, samsung expanded upon its ingenius campaign with three videos mocking apple and the apparent downfalls when it comes to the iPhone X. titled dongle, fast charger, and camera, each advert depicted an apple store employee having a conversation with a customer, attempting to justify the iPhone compared to the galaxy S9.