Microsoft Xbox One: Razer Keyboard and Mouse addon Support

For the Microsoft Lovers, the Xbox controller is just how they’ve always played games. Yet, there are some of us who might like the added precision and versatility of a classic keyboard and mouse setup. Microsoft has been promising to add support for this hardware to the Xbox One since the middle of 2016. Now, it’s finally happening. Well, sort of.

If you talk to PC gamers who almost always use a keyboard and mouse for shooters, they’ll tell you the mouse provides finer control of aiming, and the keyboard is easier to remap for access to a lot of functions. At the same time, the true analog input of a controller can make movement more fluid than when using a keyboard, everyone has reasons to prefer their control scheme. The point is, most gamers want the choice on consoles.

According to Microsoft, select Xbox insiders will get an update in the coming weeks that enabled keyboard and mouse support. However, that’s just enabling it at the system level it will be reasonably possible to game with a keyboard and mouse. It’s up to game developers to allow you to do so. If a developer doesn’t support keyboard and mouse input, you’ll be stuck with a controller.

Microsoft says that most keyboards and mice will work with the Xbox See Amazon ET commerce, but it’s partnering with Razer to offer enhanced functionality. It did not specify what you could expect from this integration, but it has something to do with Razer’s Synapse lighting system.