New version of Chromium Microsoft Edge leaked

A stable version of the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser has once again leaked online. What makes this so significant is that unlike the last leak of the browser from the Stable channel, this one is actually installable.
The stable version of the browser works in much the same way you might expect. Unlike the Dev and Canary builds, this one lacks the feedback icon in the address bar, making it look more like the complete package.

Plus, installing this version also replaces the UWP version of Edge from the Start Menu with this new one, so you won’t be able to run both browsers side by side. If you want to go back to the classic Edge with webpage markup, Cortana integration, and the buttery smooth scrolling, you’ll have to uninstall Stable first.

interested? Well the thing about this leak is that it comes directly from Microsoft. Keep in mind though, this isn’t the actual complete version of Edge. Most likely, this is an internal build that shows us how the browser will replace the old Edge, and doesn’t come with all of the features that are expected to be released with the official launch