Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release

A new Super Smash Bros is alwase an event: It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to mash up a wildly diverse group of gaming fandoms, gathering as many people as possible under one roof. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no different, though its challenge is particularly extreme. How does a game that proudly showcase every stars from THE SMASH BROSS SAGA, literally every previous fighter and then some, from Mario to Solid Snake to Sonic remain accessible

This is a dense experience, littered with tips and tutorials for modes that could intimidate even the most veteran player. Its greatest strength is that it never overdoes it. It trusts the player to figure things out through play and exploration. With its hundreds of rules and variants, it allows each fandom to make the game their own.

Ultimate emerges as one of the finest and tightest games of the Nintendo catalogue. It’s more than a fighting game; it’s also an RPG, a character creator and even an MP3 player.

With all of the ambitious new modes and sense of grandiosity, Nintendo still remembers what’s most important and lovable about Super Smash Bros: The chance to watch Pikachu electrocute Donkey Kong, or Kirby swallow Ridley. Taking on all of these unique features could have been a misfire, but they coalesce to welcome every kind of player to get back into it for more !SMASH! no matter their gaming preference. Ultimate can be whatever game you want it to be. Just fun, pure and simple.