Tesla model 3 vs Toyota Prius Prime:

If you ever considere looking for an electric car you probably know these two models. We are here going to review them based on what Everybody expect from a car of this segment the ELECTRIC CAR segment; Reliability , Fuel Economy and Range, Economic Advantages And ADD an XFACTOR (VERY Hard for an E.V) : Performence.

The Tesla model 3:

Tesla model 3 is an affordable E.V Model of the Tesla Company it’s goal is to democratise electric cars, with pretty decent options for its basic Price.
Based on US Sales estimations, Tesla has delivered more than 55,800 Model 3 sedans for 2018 through August.
As far as Electric Cars sales go, it’s in a league of its own. It’s also making waves in regards to U.S. car sales as a giant whole.

Toyota Prius Prime:

The Toyota Prius Prime is an efficient solution when it comes to E.V and its performence as an Electric cars are just AMAZING! Making it a Very serious contender for the top 5, in relation to Tesla, Specialy because of its impressive specs.
This Makes you understand why Toyota has delivered more than 18,000 Primes on the year through August 2018.

Tesla play in a league of its ownin term of performence. For its Price..Its just impossible to compare. to the poor Prius LOL…
-The latest entry-level Tesla Model 3 is the slowest Tesla ever made, but it’s far from being slow. The Standard Range version can go 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 5.6 seconds.
-The Toyota prius Prime: 0-60 in only 15 sec in EV mode T_T whooooooooOUP. 🙂

A reliable vehicle saves time, money and trouble. Nobody wants to be stranded or have to be without a vehicle while it’s being repaired. Consumer Reports and Analyse rates the Prius Prime’s reliability Much More higher than the Model 3.

The Experience of Toyota here is no Match for the VERY YOUNG TESLA company. Plus Pieces and Fix in case of trouble and more availiable and ready to ship than for Tesla…

From surveys of all its subscribers, Consumer Reports’ December 2018 Auto Issue reports that Toyota vehicles are more reliable than Tesla vehicles. Consumer Reports ranks Toyota second in reliability. Tesla is ranked 27th.

Fuel Economy and Range
On tests the Prius Prime running on electricity gets better fuel mileage than the Model 3.
The Prius Prime’s maximum estimated driving range on a full tank of fuel and a full charge is 652 miles, after which it can be refueled at any gas station in minutes.
The Model 3’s range is only 220 to 310 miles, after which the minimum recharge time Takes to up 8 hours and half, for only less half a charge at a specially configured quick charge station not available in most areas.

Economic Advantages
According to TOYOTA: the Prius Prime is less expensive to operate than the Model 3 because it costs hundred $ less to do the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance for the 50,000 miles Barriere.
Typical repairs cost much less on the Prius Prime than the Model 3, including $187 less for a water pump, Dozens less for front brake pads and Plus $600 less for a power steering pump.

Both the Toyota Prius Prime and the Tesla Model 3, based on reliability and Fuel economie ARE Great cars in their Segment.

TESLA is still a very young company compare to TOYOTA. We can only reconize that Tesla is DOING pretty well for its Age. Tesla still hold the record of sales in U.S. However;

THE WINNER IS…Well Technically it’s A DRAW.


->PERFORMENCE/Economy Base TESLA IS N°1, (Performence beeing the xfactor that Equalize this Head to Head.)

->Efficiency BASE: Toyota Prius Prime is N°1, IN THE ELECTRIC CAR SEGMENT There is not only Fuel Economy and Range that matter. Thats actually The REASON why TESLA IS THE NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER.