Looking to buy the Best gift this Christmas for the geeks in your life? Well, you’re in the right place, as we’ve just put this list of super gifts and accessories that will put a smile on any Planetary Human been face.

1. Logitech G Pro headset A top gaming headset for online and offline gaming:

Treat your favorite PC gamer’s ears to some sonic bliss this Christmas with a new gaming headset. The Logitech G Pro headset offers fantastic sound quality over long periods of time and little else – but that’s not a bad thing. You’re getting fantastic sound quality and comfort while keeping to a budget, so you’re not paying for anything you don’t need. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, but can perform with the best PC gaming headsets, the Logitech G Pro is a great headset.

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2. The best gaming chair to unwrap this Christmas:

If you’re buying for someone who spends a lot of time playing PC games, then why not at least make sure they’re sitting comfortably while they do so? The noblechairs Epic gaming chair features a faux-leather covering inspired by racing car seats, combining both comfort and a high-end design to make it one of the best gaming chairs you can buy today. The Epic’s subtle black design is far more elegant than some of the more brightly-colored gaming chairs we’ve seen as well, which means it can fit unobtrusively into a home without being an eyesore.

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3. the 4K CAMERA Nikon D850

The long-awaited successor to the D810 arrived earlier this year, and Nikon certainly didn’t hold back with the specs. With a fresh 45.4MP full-frame sensor, a highly advanced 153-point AF system and 7fps shooting, supported by features such as a tilting touchscreen and whole suite of connectivity options, the the D850 is the most advanced DSLR we’ve seen. Video-wise, there’s lots to love. The camera is capable of 4K UHD capture at 30p/25p/24p, and that’s using all the sensor – no unwanted cropping here, allowing you to take full advantage of your lenses. Other video features include ports for both microphone and headphone sockets, as well as a Flat Picture Profile, zebra patterning and Power Aperture Control. You can also record at 120fps in Full HD quality. A brilliant DSLR that’s great at shooting video too.

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4. Sony Alpha A7S II

At the time of the A7S II’s review we said it was the best video-shooting stills camera available, and while much has changed in the market we still reckon it’s a compelling option for the videographer. One of its major selling points at launch – internal recording of 4K footage – has since been matched by many others, but it’s the modest pixel count of its sensor that splits it from its rivals. We found its dynamic range to be very high, and consistently better than rivals at higher sensitivities, while noise was also shown to be lower than cameras with more populated chips. It also has the advantage of using the whole sensor width for recording video, and of being able to record to the memory card while outputting 4:2:2 footage to a HDMI recorder, but proves itself to be capable for stills shooting too. Autofocus is generally fast and built-in image stabilisation is a huge bonus, while the body is sturdier than its predecessor’s too. Overall, while it may not be the newest model, its sensor and video specs give it a handful of advantages over its rivals.

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5. high quality SPEAKER Sonos One

The Sonos One smart speaker has become one of the most popular speakers over the last 12 months and demand stepped up a notch recently as the stylish soundbox has made its way on to plenty of Christmas wishlists.

Which is why we’re super stoked to see this late discount arrive to knock a decent amount from the RRP. So if you missed out on any Black Friday offers, don’t worry as there’s still time to save a cool wedge of cash. We regularly keep our eye on the full range of Sonos deals and these one are very tempting.

Kicking things off in the USA, you can save $20 on a black or white Sonos One speaker over at Walmart. Or if you’re ready to double down, there’s a $50 discount on pair of them at Walmart too.

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